Importance Of Owning a Home

  For many Kenyans who desire a secure, comfortable, and happy life, buying a home is a dream. This goal has been made a reality for more than 100 people

Why You Should Invest in Kangundo Road

  Kangundo road is located 59km from Nairobi which is a one-hour drive from CBD. Towns along the road include Ruai, kamulu, Joska and Malaa. Many people working in Nairobi

List of schools along kangundo road

Are you new to kangundo road? Are you planning to live there? Below is a list of notable primary and secondary schools along Kangundo Road. Mission of hope schools Joska 

How to Improve your credit score

A credit score is a number accredited to you based on your financial habits. Lenders look at it before loaning you to gauge your probability of paying back. A good

How does inflation affect real estate?

  Inflation is the increase in prices or the increase in the cost of living in a country. The inflation rate in Kenya has been alarming, From 5.1% in February

How to do an online title search

How to do an online title search According to Huduma Kenya, a title deed is the only proof of land ownership. Before customers buy a real estate property, they ask

List Of All Best Mortgage Lenders in Kenya

  The following is a list of top institutions in the country that offers mortgages;  KCB Bank You can borrow from KES 100 million with up to 90% for owner-occupier,80%

Extra Costs You Need to Know When Purchasing a House

With all of the excitement surrounding the purchase of a home, it\’s easy to become preoccupied with the purchase price and overlook potential additional costs. These extra charges are popularly