Tips for first-time mortgage applicants

Do you intend to apply for a mortgage loan? Have you ever wondered what financiers look for when determining illegibility? You are about to learn four key areas financiers evaluate for your illegibility.  They are listed below. The debt-to-income ratio DTI, according to CRB Kenya, is the amount of debt you pay each month in relation to your monthly income. Lenders use it to determine

4 Financial Habits you Should Cultivate.

Do you know that it will only take you 10 years to attain financial freedom if you start now? Fascinating as it may sound here is how you get started; Budgeting and

3 Simple Ways to Budget For your finances

  Budgeting is the process of planning how you spend your money. It is merely a comparison of how much you bring in and your expected expenses monthly or quarterly

Am i eligible for a mortgage loan?

Kenyans Earning Less than KSh 150k Eligible for KSh 549 Million Mortgage Loans from Co-op Bank The Kenya Mortgage Refinance Company (KMRC) has given Co-operative Bank a KSh 549.8 million

Investing In Real-Estate

Did you know that the Diaspora remittance inflows by June 2021, amounted to USD 305.9 million? This, in comparison to a study done by Central Bank in 2017 where the

Why Are You Worried About Money

Did you know that 54% of employees cite money matters as their biggest cause of stress? That’s more than 18% of their job,12% of relationships, and 11% of health concerns.

Cost of Constructing a House in Kenya

Cost of Constructing a House in Kenya Ever wondered how much it costs to construct a house in Kenya? Here is a breakdown; Project Inception (Typically Free of Charge) This