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How to Get Financing for a House in Kenya

or Financing has remained to be the major challenge for potential homeowners however this could change.Apart from the common cash method, there are various ways you can finance your home. These include  the following; Bank financing Bank financing is the most common type of financing for a house. In Kenya, […]

How to Improve your credit score

A credit score is a number accredited to you based on your financial habits. Lenders look at it before loaning you to gauge your probability of paying back. A good credit score A Credit score ranges from 850 to 300.700 is considered a good credit score while 800, is an […]

How does inflation affect real estate?

  Inflation is the increase in prices or the increase in the cost of living in a country. The inflation rate in Kenya has been alarming, From 5.1% in February to 7.9% in June 2022. For 2022, projections indicated annual average inflation at five percent in Kenya, above the rate […]

List Of All Best Mortgage Lenders in Kenya

  The following is a list of top institutions in the country that offers mortgages;  KCB Bank You can borrow from KES 100 million with up to 90% for owner-occupier,80% for income-generating properties, and 70% for plot purchase. The interest rate is 13.3%. ABSA Bank of Kenya Financing up to […]

Extra Costs You Need to Know When Purchasing a House

With all of the excitement surrounding the purchase of a home, it’s easy to become preoccupied with the purchase price and overlook potential additional costs. These extra charges are popularly referred to as closing costs. Stamp duty, legal fees, registration fees, consent of transfer, valuation costs, and deed search are […]

Tips for first-time mortgage applicants

Do you intend to apply for a mortgage loan? Have you ever wondered what financiers look for when determining illegibility? You are about to learn four key areas financiers evaluate for your illegibility.  They are listed below. The debt-to-income ratio DTI, according to CRB Kenya, is the amount of debt you pay each month in relation to your monthly income. Lenders use it to determine how much of a loan you can afford. The debt-to-income ratio is calculated by dividing your total monthly debt load […]

4 Financial Habits you Should Cultivate.

Do you know that it will only take you 10 years to attain financial freedom if you start now? Fascinating as it may sound here is how you get started; Budgeting and tracking your finances. You should be aware of where all of your money goes. Tracking is as simple as writing […]

3 Simple Ways to Budget For your finances

  Budgeting is the process of planning how you spend your money. It is merely a comparison of how much you bring in and your expected expenses monthly or quarterly or yearly. A budget is important because it helps you determine your spending plan and in turn, shows you where […]

Tips on How to move on a budget

You’ve just found your dream and plans are underway to move in, but there’s one problem, however. The moving service looks set to cost you an arm and a leg hence immediately killing the enthusiasm that comes with moving into a new home. As much as hiring a moving company […]
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