How to Get Financing for a House in Kenya

or Financing has remained to be the major challenge for potential homeowners however this could change.Apart from the common cash method, there are various ways you can finance your home.

How to get out of debt -Snowball Method

The debt snowball method is one of several strategies you can use to reduce and eventually eliminate your debt. It works by focusing on paying off the smallest amount of

Guide To Buying a Washing Machine in Kenya

  A sewing machine is an essential item in a modern household. Before buying one it is important to understand your specific needs such as the type of washing machine,

6 Ways to Declutter your House

A decluttered house will not only bring peace and calm to your space, it will also save you time. Here are 6 easy ways to start; 1. Allocate decluttering time

Ardhisasa -The New Land Management System

  Ardhisasa is an online platform that allows Citizens, other stakeholders, and interested parties to interact with land information held and processes undertaken by Government. The system will be used