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5 Commonly asked questions about title deeds-Kenya

In this article, we will answer the commonly asked questions related to title deeds. A title deed is a document that shows proof of ownership of property. These include

  1. Do you have ready title deeds?
  2. What type of title deeds do you have?
  3. How can I know if a title deed is real or fake?
  4. Can a foreigner own property in Kenya?
  5. How long does the transfer process take?

Do you have ready title deeds?

Yes we do.

We have ready title deeds for each property on sale under the name of the company. This is given to the client together with an offer letter to conduct a title search.

READ: How to do an online title search

What type of title deeds do you have?

There are three types of title deeds in Kenya

  1. Sectional title: title for a unit within a building, for example, a flat or apartment.
  2. Leasehold:  This is a type of title deed where the ownership and use of the land is capped at a maximum of 99 years
  3. Freehold tittle: A person or organization has ownership of the property for the rest of their lives.

Companies such as Mintvilla Housing have ready, freehold titles.

How can I know if a title deed is real or fake?

You can know a title deed is real firstly by examining its features;

A title deed by appearance is a 4 page booklet with a seal and a signature.

Page 1 -It has the title number, estimate size of the land, map sheet number, name of the owner, a seal and a date of issue. It also shows the type of land

Page 2– At the top is has 2 sections A and B described as, property and proprietorship. It also shows the parcel number details of the owner, a signature and stamp.

Page 3– This is the encumbrances section. It shows the history and records of the land. If there are any mortgages, loans and court cases related to the land they will be highlighted on this page.

Page 4– The last page looks like a book cover and has details similar to the first page. It records the Title Deed number and the document code at the bottom.

Lastly, the  most effective way is by conducting a title search at the land registry or conducting an online title search.

Can a foreigner own property in Kenya?


One can own property on the basis of a leasehold tenure. which is a maximum of 99years.Ownership can be renewed after the lease period.

Foreigners can not only own land in person but also in trust or as a company.

How long does the transfer process take?

The process of transferring a land title deed  takes a maximum of 90days.

The Bottom Line

It is very important to not only know if the title deeds are ready, but also the type and how long it will take for it to transfer the title to your name before purchasing a property. Feel free to comment on the box below or email us at info@mintvillas.co.ke.




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Wall Decor Ideas

Looking for wall décor ideas to refresh your space? Those empty walls are filled with possibilities—and a few additions can make a house feel like a home. In this article, we are going to review some of the wall décor ideas that are easy to do.

1. Large-scale art 

An oversized painting or photograph will not only command attention and set the tone in a space.

To add on that, it also amplifies the dimension of a small room making it appear larger.

When choosing a painting or a photograph always remember the theme colours of your room. Choose something that goes well with them.

large wall art

2. Gallery wall 

You can choose to have a collection of photos and paintings that go well with one another.

This not only gives a room a sense of depth but also creates a focal point for your space.

Most importantly, mix up the sizes and keep the photos or paintings straight and leveled.

Green mattress and gallery wall

3. Hang mirrors

A mirror is a perfect piece to make the space feel lighter and more open. Additionally, they make small rooms appear larger.

Aesthetic Mirrors like the one in the image below can

act as a focal point for your room.

Lastly, mirrors make your room look expensive read on to 10 inexpensive ways to make your house look expensive.

I will recommend diamond interiors if you want quality pieces.

decorative mirror on a desk

4.Wall baskets 

Using baskets as décor is the sort of strategy that adds beauty and texture to a space. It’s also a budget-friendly way to decorate large wall areas.

Wall baskets are go really well with an afro-themed house.

Whenever creating arrangements, I recommend  an odd number. The exact number will depend on basket sizes and the space you’re trying to fill. You can even overlap baskets, but don’t hang any too far apart.

Buy baskets from at africa yetu 

wall baskets in a living room

5.Green walls 

You can also try hanging or mounting plants. They not only add greenery to your space but also gives walls an aesthetic feel. When it comes to plants I will highly recommend faux plants. They are easier to maintain.

Shelves with home plants in pots on a white wooden wall. Green vegetation in the home interior.

The  bottom Line

Modern walls are not meant to stay empty and any décor of your liking but remember the golden rules we’ve stated in each décor. For more information kindly email us at info@mintvillas.co.ke.






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Rules and regulations that govern homeowners -Twinfalls City

The primary objective of the Rules & Regulations is to guide “Twinfalls City” homeowners in maintaining and enhancing the environment.

These Rules like conduct rules have been formulated by the Manager and may from time to time be amended by the Manager.

The following are some of the rules that govern home owners in Twinfalls City.

1. littering and preservation of the environment 

It is the responsibility of every owner to

  • Keep undeveloped plots clean, neat, and free of weeds and rubble.
  • No rubble, refuse or litter may be placed; left dumped, or otherwise discarded on any part of the project.
  • Except for areas for which an owner is directly responsible no flora may be trimmed, damaged, or removed from any part of “Twinfalls City”.
  • Storage of these containers should be in garages, concealed with landscaping, screened, and not in full view of neighboring lots or the street.
Garbage bins disposal full of litter scattered around on  street.


Not to Change the exterior colour of the Unit. Otherwise, all colour codes must be obtained and approved by the Manager.

3.gate installation 

Installation of gates must be approved by the Manager.

4.plants and fence 

Save for live plants and hedges, no additional fence may be added to the existing



5.Antenna’s/satellite dishes

Owners shall:

  • locate their antenna or satellite dish in a place and manner that shields it from view from the nearest street and from other lots 
  • not locate any satellite dishes or antennae in the front yard.


  • Ensure that music or any other sound doesn’t cause nuisance to other residents
  • outdoor amplified music shall not be played before 8.00a.m or after 9.00p.m

7.Emitting substances 

No plot owner shall allow any substance be kept upon any lot that will emit odors that may disturb peace, safety or serenity of occupants.

8. sewage and drainage 

  • No raw sewage may be put into the ground on “Twinfalls City” Property. No soak pits are allowed to be constructed.
  • Futhermore,the Home owner shall not discharge oil, toxic and acidic effluence in the drainage systems.
The Bottom line 

Note that the rules not only bind homeowners but also tenants and visitors or any employed person. Rules concerning the appearance and the environment are placed to ensure a peaceful and serene environment for everyone. For any inquiries reach out to us via email @info@mintvillas.co.ke






borehole drilling machine
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Unfamiliar Rules to Follow Before You Drill a Borehole in Kenya


Did you know that cannot drill a borehole without meeting certain conditions and having relevant approvals?

Here are  some of the unfamiliar rules one should put into consideration before drilling a borehole:

hydro-geological survey.

Before drilling a borehole, you need to conduct a hydro-geological survey.

The survey is key in establishing the drilling point, rock structure, and amount of water present beneath. The type of rock structure will determine how much you will spend while the amount of water beneath gives an estimation of feet to be drilled.

Permits and reports

If satisfied with the report, you are required to apply for the required permits and reports.

Four permits are needed before you can drill a borehole even if it is on private property;

1. Water Resource Authority (WRA) permit

if you are satisfied you have water on your property, you must apply for a drilling permit from WRA.

2. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

An EIA report is an examination of the effects of a project on the environment. The purpose of an EIA is to identify both negative and positive impacts of any project on people and the environment.

3. NEMA (National Environment Management Authority of Kenya) Permit

The EIA  report must be approved by the NEMA authorities in order to issue the permit. If the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) is satisfied that the proposed drilling will not have undesirable impact on the immediate environment, the organization then issues a license.

The drilling may then commence although in some cases one may require a no-objection letter from the local water services provider and local county permit.

4. Letter of no objection 

With devolution in place, before commencing your project you will also need a letter of no objection from local water service providers and a county permit.

The Bottom line 

The above permits are mandatory for every Kenyan who wants to drill a borehole. They are necessary for regulation since water is a precious commodity. Further, based on surveys and reports, some areas could be unfit for a borehole.

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Frequently asked questions-Twinfalls City

The following article will give you an insight into 10  frequently asked questions concerning Twinfalls City.

Are our houses ready?

Our Twinfalls City Phase one is completed and the phase 2 currently ongoing

What time are we available for site visits?

We are available for sites visit daily. Our sales representatives will assist you with booking a site visit. Contact us at 0711082929

How large is Twinfalls City?

Twinfalls City is a 20-acre elegantly planned mixed-use development located in Malaa town touching the tarmac right off the B63 Nairobi-Kangundo road.

How many kilometers is Twinfalls City from CBD?

The development is located in Malaa town touching the tarmac right off the B63 Nairobi-Kangundo road and is approximately 45KM away from Nairobi CBD

What type of houses do you have?

3-Bedroom Master En-suite Bungalow for KES6.7M

3-Bedroom Master En-suite Bungalow with an SQ for KES7M

4-Bedroom all En-suite Maisonette for KES 9.05M

Is the title freehold or leasehold?

A Leasehold title is  one  where the ownership and use of the land is capped at a maximum of 99 years while a A Freehold Title is one that  gives the owner all the rights to the land without restrictions either on the use or the number of years.

Our title deeds are freehold.

Are there any other charges other than the purchase price?


They include legal fees, stamp duty, registration fees, transfer fees etc.

Read our article on extra charges when purchasing property.

 Do you have offices? Where are they located?

Yes, we have offices They are located in South B, Trance Towers 7th floor. Contact us at 0711082929 for further inquiry

Do you have any other projects?

Yes,  Savanna Greens Estate in Joska which is fully sold out.

How far is Twinfalls City from the tarmac?

Twinfalls City is touching Kangundo road Tarmac.






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The legal steps of buying property in Kenya

If you are looking forward to buying property in Kenya here are 8 steps you will go through;

Step 1:Site visit

The first and very important step in buying a house is visiting the site. This will help you as a client determine the following

  • Whether the property exists
  • The quality of the property
  • The distance from amenities
Step 2:Letter of offer

Secondly, you visit the office of the developer where you will discuss the terms of payment. At this point, you will be required to choose a house number.  The developers then draft a letter of offer for you. They also give you a copy of the title deed.

Step 3:Searches and Inspection of the Title

Thirdly, you will conduct a title search. A title search will help you determine if there are any encumbrances against the property.

Read our article on how to conduct a title search

Step 4:Reservation of the house

After confirming the legitimacy of the property, you can go ahead and make a deposit using the bank details indicated in the offer letter. The sellers then make an official receipt for you.

Step 5:Sales agreement.

When buying property a sales agreement is defined as a legally binding document that clearly outlines the terms and conditions for the sale of a property between two parties. You will require the following documents for the latter;

  • A copy of your national ID
  • KRA Certificate
  • Colored passport-size photos

You will have fourteen (14) days to execute the agreement for sale, after which it will be executed by the Mintvilla Housing board of directors and attested by our advocates.

Step 6:Payment of closing costs

The closing costs as discussed in our previous article are any extra costs other than the purchase price. They include legal fees, registration fees, stamp duty, and any other fees required to facilitate the transfer and obtain the title deed in your name.

Step 8:Transferring the property

After payment of closing costs, the transfer of the property from the developer to the client begins.

Step 8:Letter of completion issued

Here the name of the property is already transferred to the client’s name.

At this point, you can occupy the property.







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President Ruto to scrap stamp duty for first-time home purchasers


President William Ruto has announced plans to exempt first-time home buyers from paying stamp duty to all in a bid to ease house ownership costs among workers battling the rising cost of living amid largely stagnant pay.


Dr. Ruto said his administration would seek to strike a revenue balance by removing stamp duty for first-time homeowners and raising compliance for other property-related levies like land rates and rent.

Currently, the exemption from stamp duty applies to first-time homebuyers of approved affordable housing units following changes to the law made by the previous administration.

“We have said as a government that if you are buying a house for the first time, we can’t tax you. We’ll remove stamp duty. But when we remove stamp duty [for the first-time homebuyers], you should pay land rates because if you don’t where will we get funds for water supply, road construction, electricity connection, and garbage collection?” President  Ruto remarked.

The stamp duty is charged on the market value of the property at the rate of four percent in towns and two percent in rural areas, and should be paid to the taxman within 30 days of contract execution to avoid penalties.

One strategy to reduce the cost of home ownership is the removal of stamp duty. For instance, a family purchasing a Ksh 5 million home in Nairobi pays Sh200,000 in stamp duty fees. The goal of the new administration is to build 200,000 units in the first year.

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How to Get Financing for a House in Kenya

or Financing has remained to be the major challenge for potential homeowners however this could change.Apart from the common cash method, there are various ways you can finance your home. These include  the following;

Bank financing

Bank financing is the most common type of financing for a house.

In Kenya, different banks lend money to potential homebuyers. However, the percentage rate varies from bank to bank and from the potential of the client to pay back.

To find out about the interest rates read our article on the list of best mortgage lenders in Kenya.


This option involves buying a home through housing societies that partner with investment groups and SACCOs to offer home loans to their members. The advantage of SACCOs is that you can pay less in interest and monthly payments.  Examples of SACCOs include the following;


Crowdfunding  is commonly known as Chama. In a Chamas the members contribute a certain amount of money either weekly or monthly depending on their agreement then the money is then given to one member. And the circle continues. Chamas that are registered  under banks or investment groups are highly considered. You can get financing ranging from Kes. 100,000 – Kes. 250 million up to 10 times your savings.

Using your pension money

The government of Kenya has amended the Retirement Benefits Act (RBA) to allow pension funds to be used as collateral for the purchase of a residential house. You can do this with the help of banks, financial institutions, building societies, microfinance institutions, or the National Housing Corporation.

The Bottom-Line

If you lack enough money to purchase your dream house  you can opt for either of the options discussed above. Please feel free to email us at info@mintvillas.co.ke if you have any questions about financing or to share your thoughts in the comment section below.







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How to get out of debt -Snowball Method

The debt snowball method is one of several strategies you can use to reduce and eventually eliminate your debt. It works by focusing on paying off the smallest amount of debt first, then the next highest amount, and so on until you reach the maximum amount of debt. This method was popularized by personal finance guru, Dave Ramsey.

How does the snowball  Method work?

This method creates a snowball effect, meaning that the step-by-step debt payoffs build on each other and accelerate

This is similar to when a snowball rolls downhill, gathering speed and accumulating more and more snow. Whether it’s snow or debt reduction, this effect delivers momentum. And, when it comes to your debts, the hope is that this momentum will increasingly boost your motivation by supplying a series of small victories.

How to Get Your Debt Snowball Rolling

1. List all of your outstanding loans

2. Arrange the list from the smallest outstanding balance to the largest outstanding balance

3. Tackle the smallest debt first while also making at least the minimum monthly payments on all your debts. Then put any extra money you come up with for debt repayment toward the smallest debt.

For example, if the smallest debt comes with a minimum payment of 8000ksh but you have found an extra 500ksh in your debt reduction budget, you will add the two which gives you a total of 13000ksh for the smallest debt.

4. Keep the snowball rolling – continue making payments higher than the minimum for the smallest until it’s zero then move to the next least debt till you clear all debt.

Tips on how to accelerate your debt snowball

  1. Create a budget – if you are new to budgeting learn how to make one by reading our article on 4 financial habits you should cultivate.
  2. Establish an emergency fund – An emergency fund is a total of your expenditure for a minimum of 3 months. Having an emergency fund is one good way of avoiding and reducing the chances of taking a loan.
  3. Sell things that are not in use – Things you don’t use such as electricals, furniture can kickstart you in paying your debt
  4. Start a side hustle – analyze your interests and your hobbies. Google and YouTube is your friend. Research how you can turn your interests into a business.

Bottom Line

If you are one person who loves small victories then this method will work perfectly for you. Let us know what you think in the comment box below. Feel free to contact us at 07110892929 or email us at info@mintvillas.co.ke







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Guide To Buying a Washing Machine in Kenya


A sewing machine is an essential item in a modern household. Before buying one it is important to understand your specific needs such as the type of washing machine, the energy efficiency, the durability, cost, and more.

  1. Type

There are two types of washing machines


Front-loaders remove tougher stains more easily. Additionally, they use less water and energy even when compared to newer high-efficiency top-loaders.

front load washing machine


Top Load

Top-loaders require less space, and maintenance and have a better life span than front-loaders. Top loaders are broken down into two kinds: agitators and impellers. Agitators come with a pole with spokes that protrudes from the bottom of the drum and moves the clothes around. Impellers have propellers at the bottom, which churn the water to move the clothes.


Check the energy label. A+++ is good but some machines have even a better rating which is indicated by for example (A+++ -60% like in Bosch Serie.

Front load washing machines are equipped with an inverter that saves power and less water usage without compromising washing performance.

3.Rmp range

The spin cycle for drying is measured as revolutions per minute (rpm). The higher the rpm, the better it will dry your clothes.

Most machines’ RPM range from 1000-1600. These determine how dry your clothes will be after spinning. 1000 rpm is still okay.


4.Durability and cost 

If you want a durable washer, be ready to spend more.

Front load washers are generally quieter and use less water and power as compared to their top load counterpart but top loaders tend to cost less.

A stainless-steel drum is better and more durable than plastic.

washing machine costs


5.Number of people in your family

Capacity (kg) depends on the size of the washing tub. Families with children who do several loads daily may prefer a large-capacity washer,9kg. Meanwhile, smaller-capacity models which use less water and energy can be economical for singles and couples (7kg)

consider number of people


Best brands in Kenya in order: Bosch, LG, Samsung, Beko .There are cheaper brands that cost about half the price of the above brands, it’s upon you to decide what you want.

For the above first 3 brands, prices range from 85k for 7kgs, up to 100k for 8kgs, and up to 120k for 9kgs. Beko is slightly cheaper, going for about 85k.’



When buying a washing machine, it is key that you measure the size of your laundry area to the size of the washing machine.

Make sure the space you have is big enough leaving space for the door to open.

If you have limited space, I would advise you to go for a front loader

Washing machine


8.Noise level

Check the noise levels. Anything under 74db is okay.

You need to know that not all wash programs in a washing machine take a full load. For example, the mix load program on a Bosch 8kg only takes 4kgs. An 8kg washer can wash a queen-size duvet but only on a program that takes a full load, like cotton.

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