Living in the diaspora?

Whether you left the country years ago and settled in the diaspora, are abroad and sending money back, or you’re planning to retire back home and are looking for a place to call home visit Twinfalls City by Mintvilla Housing we are what you have been looking for.

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We have made it our business to ensure that homeownership is a transparent and efficient process easy for our customers to understand.

We aim to provide a point of contact for foreign investors and Kenyans in the diaspora as they venture into the local property market.

Step 1: Customer Enquiry & Response
Once you make your inquiry, our customer care team will respond within the shortest time possible. Details regarding the desired property may be sent via email, or an online meeting with a Mintvilla Housing executive can be arranged to help you make an informed investment decision.

Step 2: Site Visit
Our sales executive will arrange a site visit to the Mintvilla Housing Project of your choice. This can be achieved through a virtual tour of our property online; alternatively, you can send someone to view it on your behalf and identify the house that you would like to purchase.

Step 3: Reserve Your House
After the site visit, you may reserve your house using the requisite allocation site map. Complete the booking form that you will receive from us by email.

Step 4: Letter of Offer
Once the
intent to purchase the house has been confirmed, Mintvilla Housing will issue a letter of offer outlining the terms and conditions of the sale. The letter of offer will indicate the appropriate bank account details for the Mintvilla Housing project to enable you to pay the first deposit towards the purchase of the property. As an organization we have various modes of payment that are tailor-made for the customer:
• For cash clients we shall require you to meet the minimum payment threshold and we advise on a suitable payment plan.
• For mortgage and financing clients we shall require an offer letter from the financial institution(s) involved in financing the house. You will have seven (7) days to accept the letter of offer, which must be executed in duplicate as a confirmation that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions stated therein.

Step 5: Confirmation Of Reserved House
Mintvilla Housing will hold the house for seven (7) days from the date of stated in the offer letter after which our relationship executive will call to confirm whether you are still interested in purchasing the house.

Step 6: Confirmation Of Payment
Proceed to pay the deposit using the bank account details provided in the letter of the offer. The payment confirmation such as a deposit slip should be submitted to Mintvilla Housing as a confirmation of the payment and after which, we will issue an official receipt for the payment made.

Step 7: Sale Agreement
A copy of the letter of offer will be forwarded to our advocates for the preparation of an agreement for sale (in triplicate) within seven (7) days from the date of the payment confirmation. You will be required to produce your original Identity (ID) Card, a Copy of your KRA PIN certificate, and a colored passport-size photograph. For Diaspora Financing the client will be required to notarise your financial statements and sale agreement by a licensed legal practitioner in your jurisdiction. You will have fourteen (14) days to execute the agreement for sale, after which it will be executed by the Mintvilla Housing board of directors and attested by our advocates.

Step 8: Closing Costs [ Transfer Fees, Stamp Duty & Legal Fees]
We will liaise with our advocates and advise you on the required amounts for legal fees, registration fees, stamp duty, and any other fees required to facilitate the transfer and obtain the title deed in your name. (Pay your stamp duty using the KRA iTax portal)

Step 9: Preparation Of Title Deed
Upon completion of all payments to Mintvilla Housing & all closing costs as per the terms of the agreement of sale, we will commence the process of transferring the property in your name.

Step 10: Collection Of Title Deed
Upon completion of all payments to Mintvilla Housing & all closing costs as per the terms of the agreement of sale, we will commence the process of transferring the property in your name.

Step 11: Occupation Of Property
We will then issue a letter of completion of payment so that you can now occupy the property.

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