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One of the biggest challenges and impediments facing Kenyans living in the diaspora is identifying and acquiring quality and safe investments in the housing sector back home. At Mintvilla Housing, we recognize these challenges and we have made it our mission to make the process easy, transparent and accessible for the Kenyan Diaspora Community to own homes in their motherland; to ensure this, we have come up with a Diaspora Information Desk in Baltimore MD from which one can now seek details about the process of acquiring the available and most viable Investments in the Kenyan Housing Market. It is now possible for you to follow the right path in making the right home ownership decision courtesy of Mintvilla Housing as your trusted housing guide.



Paul Ngatia | +1(205) 545-3067 |pmirauri@yahoo.com
Address: 144 Gardenia Cir Pleasant Grove Al 35127-2753
Julie Weche | +1 (410) 303-3335
Nick Karuri | +1 (443) 653 6823


9600 Pulaski Park Dr Suite 115, Middle River, MD 21220

✔ Identify and choose a House(s) Unit Number from the Master Project Plan provided.
✔ Download the Offer Letter, fill in and send it to us at homes@mintvillas.co.ke
✔ Book your House by paying the booking fee of Ksh 1.5m through one of our payment options.
✔ Complete payment within the payment duration given.
✔ A transfer document and a sale agreement will be shared with you for signing
✔ Share your ID, KRA Pin (Where applicable), Passport Photos and postal address to homes@mintvillas.co.ke for the title transfer process to begin.
✔ Title processing will take 3 - 6 months.
✔ Once the house is ready, you will receive your Title Deed and Certificate of Occupation for the house through a courier service of your choice.

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