Mintvillas offers comprehensive real estate solutions, including exclusive land sales through Prime Plots, bespoke home construction with Custom Built Home services, and the combined Shika Shamba, Jenga Later package, which integrates prime land acquisition with custom home building.

  1. Prime Plots
    Mintvillas offers exclusive land sale services with a focus on prime plots for individuals interested in land acquisition. Whether you’re looking to buy land for homeownership or development purposes, our Prime Plots service provides access to premium locations ideal for your needs.
  2. Custom Built Home
    For those who purchase land and desire a bespoke housing solution, our Custom Built Home service is designed to bring your vision to life. We offer tailored home construction services, ensuring that your new home meets your unique specifications and style preferences.
  3. Shika Shamba, Jenga Later
    Our Shika Shamba, Jenga Later package combines the best of both worlds, offering prime plots along with custom-built homes. This comprehensive real estate solution allows you to secure the perfect piece of land and plan your custom home construction at your convenience, providing a seamless and integrated approach to property ownership and development.

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