Sacco Members

Mintvillas partners with Sacco members to offer diverse real estate solutions, including investment opportunities, custom-built homes, flexible payment plans, stress-free homeownership, and land sale services, all tailored to meet the unique needs of the community.

  1. Member Investment Plus
    Mintvillas collaborates with Sacco members to develop gated community projects on land owned by the Sacco. This initiative is ideal for those looking to invest and resell properties, maximizing returns through a “Flip to Earn” strategy.
  2. Member na Nyumba
    Mintvillas custom-builds homes on land owned by individual Sacco members, providing tailored homeownership solutions that meet personal preferences and needs.
  3. Jengewa Bila Pressure
    Mintvillas builds custom homes on its own land, offering Sacco members a hassle-free path to homeownership with the assurance of quality and timely completion.
  4. Pita Na Shamba
    Mintvillas provides land sale services, either selling its own land or assisting Sacco members in buying or selling land, ensuring transparent and efficient transactions.

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