Benefits of Being a Home Owner

Owning a home has become one of the most significant wishes a lot of Kenyans purpose to achieve. Courtesy of the sprawling real estate market in Kenya, the process of owning a home has been made easier by virtue of the process and the payments plans in Kenya.

Having a place you can call home comes with a lot of positives, here are some notable benefits that come with owning your dream home.

Owning a home is a wise investment

By the virtue of a home is an asset that makes owning one equate to making a wise investment move. Purchasing your dream home can act as the perfect long term investment providing sure future returns should you decide to put the house on sale.

The value of your home will always increase providing a safe haven for you to increase your wealth in the process.

Privacy and Flexibility

A lot of advantages come with owning a home but nothing quite beats the flexibility and the privacy that comes with it. The consistent landlord knocks and inspections can become quite annoying, especially when you’re enjoying some quality time with your family.

Owning a home provides flexibility in the sense that you can customize or renovate your home whenever and however you feel right without going through seeking consent from your landlord. Some rules provided in rentals like not being allowed to have a pet mostly don’t apply when being a homeowner.

Improves your Finances

Owning a home not only provides a financial cushion in savings but also provides you with leverage you can use in applying for a loan.  While renting a house provides an entire lifetime of dishing out money, homeownership only provides high upfront cost and an entire lifetime of not spending a dime immediately after completing your mortgage payment or purchasing your home.

You will therefore save a lot of money in what would have been used on rent. You can choose to channel the money on other projects or investments.


Homeownership provides stability for you and your family by securing your stay in your place of residence in the long run. That means you can choose to stay at your place for as long as you wish without fear of evictions. Renting a property can sometimes prove to be hectic as the landlord can decide to put the house on sale, therefore, making your family be on the move once more.

Your community connections and social life, your kids’ education and where you work are just some of the things that owning a home make very convenient.

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