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Why Buy Land in a Gated Community

Why Buy Land in a gated Community

“In its modern form, a gated community (or walled community) is a form of residential community or housing estate containing strictly controlled entrances for pedestrians, bicycles, and cars and it’s often characterized by a closed perimeter of walls and fences. Gated communities usually consist of small residential streets and include various shared amenities. These amenities may include only a park or other common area. For larger communities, it may be possible for residents to stay within the community for most daily activities.”

Source Wikipedia


  • Privacy – Some gated communities are tucked away in the leafy suburbs that are less populated, less conspicuous, away from noisy areas, roads with strict access to the compound. This offers a greater feeling of privacy and creating an air of exclusivity. People with children have a safe playing environment for their kids to run around and play. This also provides a real sense of a home to residents.
  • Sense of community – People living in gated communities end up developing a greater sense of community amongst them. This is because of the controlled access to the compounds. Neighbours are normally familiar with each other, they know who stays where what belongs to whom and who is a stranger this results in greater freedom in trusting and enjoying familiarity with each other.
  • Gated communities are secure – These properties offer residents security that they wouldn’t experience in non-gated communities. Furthermore, they have controlled entry that offers residents assurance of their own safety and that of their premises.
  • Amenities are available to the residents exclusively – Apart from security, another popular feature of gated communities is the exclusive facilities such as recreational facilities e.g. swimming pools, playgrounds that the community may agree to put up in their common areas making the area attractive both to the internal and external communities.
  • Rules and codes of conduct – after investors come together in gated communities they agree on a set of rules and regulations that each one of them adheres to. These rules are important as they require everyone to take care of their homes and surrounding property, which helps to keep the appearance and value of the community up to their required standard.

Mintvilla Housing has a premium and ready for occupation gated community in Joska, that offers the comfort that comes with a gated community. Savanna Greens Estate is designed with 46 plots best suited for first-time homeowners as well as investors. The tranquillity coupled with city convenience makes it a perfect place to raise a family as it sits on the edge of the city. The property has cabro-paved roads, 3-phase electricity, reliable piped water, a perimeter wall with an electric fence, and a green area recreational for children and adults to use.

This prime property is located approximately 35kms from Nairobi, at Joska Town and is 2kms from Kangundo road exiting to your left at Joska Police station. It sits along the proposed Greater Eastern Bypass that connects Mombasa Road to Thika-Garissa highway The project is 32kms from the Embakasi Railways Station and 35kms from JKIA.

Whether for your dream house or investment, Mintvilla Housing gives you a chance to make your dreams a reality by investing in a 1/8th acre plot and 3 bedroom master ensuite bungalow. for a price of only Ksh. 5.9M with an available instalment payment plan and flexible payment options ranging from bank financing to cash payments.

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4 Home improvement tips to consider

Regardless of the condition of the house, you’re about to move into, there’s always a nagging urge to make it better or rather customize it to befit your standard and quickly feel at ‘home’. Getting every aspect of your home improvement right or having a clear plan regarding what you want plays a significant role in saving both time and money.

Here is a compilation of top home improvement tips to guide you through the process.

Have a plan

Starting any major or minor home improvement project without a plan is simply suicidal. A plan helps you lay bare all the structures and processes to make the whole project a success. An unplanned project causes nothing but chaos in between the project leading to work exchanging hands mid-project which can negatively influence the face of the final product. That goes without mentioning that the changes in the cost of materials and design.

Tackle the simple/Quick tasks first

It might take ages to complete a major overhaul or a marquee project in your home due to some underlying factors such as finances. It is therefore advisable to start with low budget projects or those that will take the shortest time to complete. That saves time and money. Have a priority list with regards to the changes you want to be made and start working with the most urgent while preventing damage to the rest of the space.

Make wise Financial Decisions

Budget plays a significant role in any remodeling project. It’s essentially decided by the quantity of the job or the quality of the materials being used. The perfect way to monitor your finances would be by doing thorough research on the project and comparison of prices while purchasing equipment to facilitate the repair or remodeling. Should the cost of a repair be way cheaper than a complete overhaul chose the previous and vice versa.

Try some DIY

A lot of households are embracing the do it yourself method of improvement. Not only does DIY help you to cut costs but it also gives a unique sense of belonging and pride have played a key role in making your home better. If you’re a beginner, you can employ the use of home improvement books or watch the numerous DIY home improvement videos on YouTube. While at it, however, take good care of yourself by having the right work gear and equipment to avoid injuries and accidents.

Home improvement should be an interesting endeavor rather than frustrating, so while at it, have fun!

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Getting a mortgage in Kenya

A mortgage is a loan provided by financial institutions, mostly banks to help home buyers purchase a home. One of mortgage’s biggest advantage is that you get to own a bigger chunk of your property every time you make a mortgage payment. The property in hand acts as the collateral of the loan.

Most lenders will require you to pay an initial twenty percent of the value of the property before going on to pay instalments as agreed with your lender. In the ever sprawling Real Estate market in Kenya, mortgages have come in handy in helping home buyers buy homes efficiently and affordably.

Here are the two types of mortgage plans offered in Kenya

Fixed Mortgage rate

This is often regarded as the most secure yet most expensive mortgage plan offered in Kenya. This alludes to the fact the interest rate is fixed hence doesn’t change throughout the payment plan of your loan. One of its greatest undoings, however, is that the interest rates might fall but you’ll still have to honour your commitment, it, however, protects you from increased interest rates during repaying your loan.

Floating rate mortgage

As the name suggests, a floating mortgage rate is solely dependent on the fluctuating rate of the credit markets. Your loan payment plan is therefore poised to go up and down based on how the credit market is performing.  It is, therefore, a double-edged sword as you can either have a high payment mortgage or the vice versa.

What you need to get a mortgage in Kenya

Many mortgage providers have varying requirements to facilitate a mortgage application but these are the basic requirements asked by most financial institutions in Kenya to get one;

    Evidence of income

    Proof that you can take care of underlying fees e.g., legal fees

    Proof that you can get a percentage of the financing to get the loan

    Original copies of your identification documents, ID or Passport

    A signed mortgage application form

p.s the above information ranges from one lender to another.

The application process involves applying for the mortgage-backed by all the necessary documentation needed. The application will then be processed and if it meets the lenders’ bare minimum, they will make an offer showing all the terms of the mortgage. You will then provide your collateral and the initial amount then the bank will cater for the rest of the amount borrowed.

Getting a mortgage plan comes a long way in financing a move into your dream home but while at it, never shy from seeking any valuable advice to avoid any issues in the future.

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Should you buy in cash or Mortgage?

You’ve just settled on a property and its now the key moment whereby you’re just about to buy your dream home. But there’s a hitch, you are torn between buying the house in cash or financing the deal through mortgage payment. We are going to look at some pros and cons of both to help you decide on which is the most preferable method for you.

Cash makes you an Attractive Buyer

It is no secret that every seller would be attracted to a cash deal as it not only makes the deal sweeter but also closes the deal earlier and with ease which is the ultimate dream of every party involved. This is partly because the process of applying for a mortgage can sometimes be time-consuming with no assurance of the process going through.

Cash makes you stress-free over mortgage payments

While buying a house in cash makes you an instant homeowner, a mortgage payment plan takes a whole lot longer before you can finally become a homeowner. That’s without mentioning that most mortgage plans take a lot of time (years) before one can completely finish his last mortgage payment. Paying for your house in cash or paying your mortgage early can be a smart move in giving you the homeownership feeling.

Is Mortgage Better?

A mortgage payment plan offers liquidity as one is only required to put little money upfront with your bank financing the remainder of the cost. You, therefore, get to tie a lot less money to a single asset compared to the amount one foregoes when purchasing an asset in cash.

Mortgage offers flexibility

Unlike someone who has purchased his home in cash, the one with a mortgage plan is able to increase in investments by putting his money in other projects as the bank takes care of the house. This means that the mortgage plan makes you more liquid and won’t massively cut your cash flow.

Ultimately, your mortgage planner can also improve your credit score when payment is completed on time. That provides you with a trustworthy face before the eyes of bankers therefore making it quite easier for you to access more loans in future while chasing another investment.

All the payment plans above play a significant role in the number of returns you will get in future. A Mortgage plan has an upper hand with regards to better returns on investment but the bulk of the decision has to be guided by your flexibility and what will make you comfortable in the long run.

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How to find your dream Home

Planning can make finding and choosing your dream home to be an adventurous and an interesting task, but on the flip side, a lot of potential homeowners spend hours and hours of performing a task that they find tiring and draining in an effort to find a place to call home.

Luckily enough the guide below can make what some find to be a daunting task become a lot easier. Here are some few tips to help you find your dream home with ease.

Have a preference list

What are the core ‘ingredients’ that make a house your dream home? What are your absolute must-haves in a home to make it livable? It might be an open plan kitchen, a garage, a swimming pool or even a garden. These are the things that you consider a necessity in any home you’re planning to visit. Writing them down will help you get rid of the homes that don’t meet the criteria hence saving countless hours and money that would have been used in making visits and assessing the homes.

What’s your ideal location?

Your potential neighborhood plays a significant role in choosing your perfect home. This is because the neighborhood determines the cost of the house and also how you and you’re family will spend valuable outdoor time or perhaps offer the perfect environment where your children will grow.

While scouting for the ideal location, it’s essential to shift your focus on the social or key amenities available near what might be your future home. Do your homework on where the school or the hospital is located, the social clubs or even the commute distance to your place of work.

Work out your budget and stay within it.

Finances are often overlooked when potential homebuyers are making decisions yet it’s one of the key decisions pertaining to the purchase of your dream home. Having a budget and sticking with it not only makes home hunting a manageable process but also makes settling into it even better.

Have a budget line, work within it and strive not to cross it. If you’re working with a good real estate agent he or she will make good recommendations within the budget, therefore, saving a lot of time visiting houses your budget can’t comprehend.

After finding your dream home don’t rush to make the purchase, you can always have another look and another look to convince yourself enough times as that is a long term investment you’re about to close.

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Benefits of Being a Home Owner

Owning a home has become one of the most significant wishes a lot of Kenyans purpose to achieve. Courtesy of the sprawling real estate market in Kenya, the process of owning a home has been made easier by virtue of the process and the payments plans in Kenya.

Having a place you can call home comes with a lot of positives, here are some notable benefits that come with owning your dream home.

Owning a home is a wise investment

By the virtue of a home is an asset that makes owning one equate to making a wise investment move. Purchasing your dream home can act as the perfect long term investment providing sure future returns should you decide to put the house on sale.

The value of your home will always increase providing a safe haven for you to increase your wealth in the process.

Privacy and Flexibility

A lot of advantages come with owning a home but nothing quite beats the flexibility and the privacy that comes with it. The consistent landlord knocks and inspections can become quite annoying, especially when you’re enjoying some quality time with your family.

Owning a home provides flexibility in the sense that you can customize or renovate your home whenever and however you feel right without going through seeking consent from your landlord. Some rules provided in rentals like not being allowed to have a pet mostly don’t apply when being a homeowner.

Improves your Finances

Owning a home not only provides a financial cushion in savings but also provides you with leverage you can use in applying for a loan.  While renting a house provides an entire lifetime of dishing out money, homeownership only provides high upfront cost and an entire lifetime of not spending a dime immediately after completing your mortgage payment or purchasing your home.

You will therefore save a lot of money in what would have been used on rent. You can choose to channel the money on other projects or investments.


Homeownership provides stability for you and your family by securing your stay in your place of residence in the long run. That means you can choose to stay at your place for as long as you wish without fear of evictions. Renting a property can sometimes prove to be hectic as the landlord can decide to put the house on sale, therefore, making your family be on the move once more.

Your community connections and social life, your kids’ education and where you work are just some of the things that owning a home make very convenient.

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How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are the key to purchasing or selling a house. Getting this aspect right is very essential to avoid being conned or not achieving value for money. The thrill and excitement of closing a deal shouldn’t cloud the importance of hiring a competent real estate agent with the perfect know-how of the market. Getting a good real estate agent however can sometimes prove to be a cumbersome task, below is a guide on how to the get the best in the market.

Look for any Accreditation and Certification

Getting to know which real estate agency your potential agent works for or the proper certifications they hold comes a long way in ensuring you’re working with a genuine person. Ask for documentation such as their license, work ID or anything that might actually prove them to be a real estate agent.

Test their local Real Estate Market Knowledge

Many real estate agent has spent countless hours getting to know a particular market inside out. That gives them leverage when negotiating on behalf of their clients. It’s highly accredited to their immense knowledge in that particular market. A perfect example would be hiring an agent who knows all the ins and outs about Joska if you’re interested in purchasing a property in that particular area.

Get Referrals

One of the safest ways to trade in the real estate world is actually getting referrals from either friends or family who have sought similar services in the past. The essence of doing so is you might have had someone in your circle with similar interests and had managed to get the services of a good real estate agent.

Research potential candidates

Settling on a real estate agent simply because they were referred to you is not enough. Go that extra mile and conduct extensive research to avoid any sort of surprises. Go through every available site on the web and read every available review about them.

After doing so, interview all the agents that have made the cut to know them on a personal level. Take note of any red flags before making a well-informed decision.

Trust Your Gut Feeling

Amidst all the underlying factors, nothing beats your gut feeling when deciding who to work with. This is a collection of all factors including your chemistry, trust, the candidates’ honesty, conviction and passion and not forgetting their strong values.

All the above guidelines can work as an alternative to the other to ensure you get nothing but the best in the journey of purchasing your dream home.

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Things to Consider Before Moving to New Location

Moving to a new location can sometimes prove to be a difficult task. A lot goes into transitioning to a new lifestyle within the shortest time possible that comes a long way in ensuring you’re comfortable.

Getting a lot of factors correct during such a hectic process is essential in moving in an absolutely stress-free manner. To have the easiest of times during the moving and settling process, here is a small guide that will come in handy.

Housing Market

The real estate market has a lot of variables, most of which are dependent on location. A lot of prior research is therefore needed to have a grasp of what the cost of housing in that particular area is. This applies to both buying and renting a home.

Not only should you solely focus on the price of housing but also its availability. Getting the appropriate home that befits you and your family is an absolute necessity before making that key decision. You can always consult a reputable real estate agency for help or conduct a thorough web search for the same.

Commute Type

Having a seamless mode of transport is a top priority to enhance your daily movements and routines. Commuting to and from work as well as entertainment joints in the vicinity covers a huge chunk of what many dwellers admire.

Access roads also come in handy to help you have a wonderful drive home. It technically decides a lot of factors such as expenses regarding portholes that might cause damage to the car and also facilitating leisure activities like a morning jog or an evening walk.


Education is another significant factor especially if one has been placed with a family. Having quality schools around is probably an essential need when deciding to relocate to a new location. This is probably so, so as to significantly reduce the amount of time the kids will spend commuting from home to the school and vice versa.

Health Care

Health is wealth. For that reason alone, nearness to a health facility, your specialized doctor or even your insurance provider should be up there among other key factors when choosing to shift to a new location. You can always choose to ask a few friends or family already residing in the area or perform an extensive search on the same.

With all the constraints that come with moving to a new location the above guide will surely make the task easier and the whole process more bearable.

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What to look for in a house Tour

Taking a house tour is very essential in guiding your final decision with regards to purchasing your dream home. Incurring extra costs simply because you weren’t keen enough on an initial house tour isn’t the best of experiences. Taking more than one house tour is also encouraged to gauge your desire towards purchasing the house or probably getting to see something that you might have missed on an initial tour.

Listed below are some significant things to consider after scheduling a house tour.

Home Layout

The home layout categorically influences the home’s general feel and literally guides your final thought about the house with the first impression. This essentially means you would put key consideration about the house’s design regarding the location of every room. Questions like is the master bedroom where I want it to be? Is this an open dining set up or a closed? Does it complement the kitchen? Will the kids be able to move freely in such a set up?  Are the rooms spacious enough? Are all answered here.

Flooring and Walls

Wall upgrades are usually one of the easiest and cheapest home upgrades one can have. But this only subject to minor issues like the paint not impressing you at all or you want to try out a different interior design outlook altogether. The floor also plays an integral role keeping in mind all the available flooring options available such tiles, plain concrete floor or the wooden floor. Such preferences come a long way in you deciding whether the house would be your ideal home.

Other serious damages like deep cracks on the floor and the walls might act as the red flag that calls you to take a vital action.

Signs of Electricity or Water Damage

While minor issues regarding drainage can be quite easy to fix, other issues like undetected long-term water leak can be a havoc for any homeowner. Look for signs such as dumb walls or molds to know the extent of such a problem. You might also consider being extra keen on key areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen and look for any signs of leaking pipes.

Another important factor has to be the electrical boxes and wiring around the house. Look for any signs of old and worn out wires as well as broken electric sockets and switches. Calculating the cost of maintenance or replacement afterwards is vital in deciding whether you’ll take the deal or let it pass.

Buying a home being such a big financial decision, taking a house tour and making a well informed decision is very important in ensuring you don’t make such a decision blindly.

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Top 2021 Real Estate Trends in Kenya

Real estate, just like many other investment ventures is always susceptible to trends in the market. We are always poised to see changes in the real estate market both globally as well as Kenya. Some trends usually lead to significant changes in the market while others are pretty minute and quite easy to miss out.

Here are some top trends this year in the Kenyan Real Estate market

Satellite Towns Still Hard to Ignore

Factors such as improved infrastructure, increased urbanization and population in Nairobi has made towns immediately out of Nairobi suitable places for people to own or rent homes. Places such Joska, Kamulu, Kitengela, Rongai, Utawala, Syokimau, Ruaka just to name a few have been doing extremely well in recent years and that trend is set to continue this year.

Satellite towns are offering a complete escape route out of the busy and congested Nairobi scene. Massive real estate investments like Savanna Green estate in Joska are setting high standards on matters housing in the country. Availability of all social amenities like schools, hospitals and entertainment joints are making places like Joska and the rest extremely difficult to ignore.

Growing Demand for Middle Income Housing

The periodic rise of the economy has played a significant role in the periodic increase of middle-income individuals who are hunting down homes that complement their newfound economic stature. This has led to an increase in demand for middle-income housing in the real estate market in Kenya.

With uptown areas like Kilimani and Lavington satisfying demand and exceeding surplus, its areas like Ruaka, Syokimau, Kitengela, Joska and the likes are making a killing regarding middle-income housing. Renting and buying homes and land has never been made simpler.

Affordable Housing

If there’s probably a trend that won’t cease being on the rise any time soon, it has to be the state of affordable housing in the real estate market in Kenya. This can largely allude to the fact that the deficit created in the market being too big to be settled overnight.

Both the government and the private sector are striving and working overtime to ensure that affordable housing, which is a key economic pillar and vision 2030 project. Both sectors share a key attribute of making homeownership in Kenya affordable and easy.

The above real estate trends in Kenya are surely poised to change anytime to accommodate ongoing factors that challenge the economy or buying and renting habits of Kenyans.