5 home Renovation Tips for 2023

Home renovation is one of the short-term goals you should consider this year. Along with improving your home’s aesthetic appeal, home improvement will also make your home more comfortable and enjoyable for you to live there. In 2023 you should consider the following renovations

kitchen upgrade 

As the saying goes ‘the kitchen is the heart of the home ‘ therefore it should be treated as such. I will highly recommend you consider neutral colors. They not only create a calm atmosphere but also brighten the space.

To add on that consider marble counter tops. Along with being durable  as they also create a luxurious appearance.

Lastly consider changing the lighting in your kitchen to match the theme color you’ve chosen.

kitchen renovation idea


Painting a room is typically one of the easiest and most affordable renovation  projects to tackle yourself.

Before painting you have to choose a suitable color scheme.

Changing the color of your room not only changes the mood or atmosphere it also covers up wear and tears and dirt on the walls.

Lovely African housewife painting wall. Renovation, redecoration and repair concept

light fixtures 

This year instead of having the normal bulb on your ceiling try unique  light fixtures.

They will create a statement that will not only takes atmospheric glamour up a level but also  gives a warm and welcoming feel to any room.

Fixtures on the ceiling of cozy wooden house


When it comes to furniture renovation  you have two options. You can either change the covering or buy new ones. Always consider the color palette of your house when choosing furniture.

I would suggest choosing  a material and color that is also easy to maintain especially if you have children.

Above all, choose furniture that is warm and welcoming

Modern living room with blue and wooden furniture

kids bedroom upgrade

The children’s room should not only be organized but also fun and reflect their personal preferences. Take the room in the image below. It’s quite clear that child is into space things.

Ensure their is enough storage for books, toys and clothes. You can also incorporate storage boxes or baskets

Lastly ensure that you leave enough space for movement and fun activities.


Cozy space themed bedroom renovation

The Bottom-line

Renovating your house will bring it back to life and make it a place you long to come every evening. It will also increase the comfort of your home. Which home improvement tip will you undertake this year.

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