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Should I Buy or Rent a house?

Should I buy or rent a house has always sparked a lot of public debate among social and professional circles alike. There has never been a good enough answer to suit each side of the divide as the answer itself depends on some factors that might be out of your control or typically based on your personal analysis on what satisfies you best. For some people, homeownership ranks first in their perfect...

5 Pros of buying a ready-made house vs off-plan:

Savanna Greens is available immediately - Investors do not have to wait to move to their new home Savanna Estate is ready and all a buyer has to do is to make payments, sign necessary documents, and get their baggage transported to the new place. At Savanna Greens Estate, you get what you see. Since the housing complex is ready and there are people living there, getting feedback about the area,...

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