5 Pros of buying a ready-made house vs off-plan:

  • Savanna Greens is available immediately – Investors do not have to wait to move to their new home Savanna Estate is ready and all a buyer has to do is to make payments, sign necessary documents, and get their baggage transported to the new place.
  • At Savanna Greens Estate, you get what you see. Since the housing complex is ready and there are people living there, getting feedback about the area, maintenance, locality, shopping centers, and utility centers becomes easy. Savanna Greens offers an area that’s is tranquil and away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Its proximity to many amenities makes it ideal for any investor.
  • If you do not want to move into the house you are buying and are planning to buy it for investment purposes, you can start earning rentals as soon as you buy a ready home at Savanna Greens
  • As an investor, you are completely aware and know exactly what you are buying while inspecting Savanna Greens.
  • The decision of purchasing a ready house is not based on what is shown in a sample flat or on mere layouts. Savanna Greens offer ready units of 3 bedrooms with Master En-suite on a 50*100 plot size and a customizable interior.

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