Rules and regulations that govern homeowners -Twinfalls City

The primary objective of the Rules & Regulations is to guide “Twinfalls City” homeowners in maintaining and enhancing the environment.

These Rules like conduct rules have been formulated by the Manager and may from time to time be amended by the Manager.

The following are some of the rules that govern home owners in Twinfalls City.

1. littering and preservation of the environment 

It is the responsibility of every owner to

  • Keep undeveloped plots clean, neat, and free of weeds and rubble.
  • No rubble, refuse or litter may be placed; left dumped, or otherwise discarded on any part of the project.
  • Except for areas for which an owner is directly responsible no flora may be trimmed, damaged, or removed from any part of “Twinfalls City”.
  • Storage of these containers should be in garages, concealed with landscaping, screened, and not in full view of neighboring lots or the street.
Garbage bins disposal full of litter scattered around on  street.


Not to Change the exterior colour of the Unit. Otherwise, all colour codes must be obtained and approved by the Manager.

3.gate installation 

Installation of gates must be approved by the Manager.

4.plants and fence 

Save for live plants and hedges, no additional fence may be added to the existing



5.Antenna’s/satellite dishes

Owners shall:

  • locate their antenna or satellite dish in a place and manner that shields it from view from the nearest street and from other lots 
  • not locate any satellite dishes or antennae in the front yard.


  • Ensure that music or any other sound doesn’t cause nuisance to other residents
  • outdoor amplified music shall not be played before 8.00a.m or after 9.00p.m

7.Emitting substances 

No plot owner shall allow any substance be kept upon any lot that will emit odors that may disturb peace, safety or serenity of occupants.

8. sewage and drainage 

  • No raw sewage may be put into the ground on “Twinfalls City” Property. No soak pits are allowed to be constructed.
  • Futhermore,the Home owner shall not discharge oil, toxic and acidic effluence in the drainage systems.
The Bottom line 

Note that the rules not only bind homeowners but also tenants and visitors or any employed person. Rules concerning the appearance and the environment are placed to ensure a peaceful and serene environment for everyone. For any inquiries reach out to us via email @[email protected]






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