Cost of Constructing a House in Kenya

Cost of Constructing a House in Kenya

Ever wondered how much it costs to construct a house in Kenya? Here is a breakdown;

  1. Project Inception (Typically Free of Charge)

This is the part where you consult a registered architect on your upcoming construction project. The architect subsequently analyzes your requirements and advises on the best possible approaches.

  1. Outline Proposals (1% or 1.35%)

This is where you finally start working on the proposed construction project. Your architect helps you develop a detailed design brief, and then proceeds to come up with a relevant design concept. At this point, you should expect a presentation on the direction your project will take, along with the accompanying cost estimates. You can think of the output as the overall master plan of your construction project.

  1. Schematic Design (1.5% or 2.25%)

Once you approve the outline proposals, you should get dimensioned drawings of your floor plans, elevations, sections, roof plans, and site plans. These are then submitted to all the local authorities for assessment and approval.

  1. Detailed Working Drawings (2.5% or 3.75%)

While local authorities are reviewing the submitted small-scale building plans, your architect will work on all the large-scale drawings required to actualize the project. These, in other words, are known as project working drawings

They include:

  • Large scale drawings of your scheme design.
  • Detailed foundation plans.
  • Detailed floor plans.
  • Detailed section diagrams.
  • Detailed elevation diagrams.
  • Roof framing plans.
  • Plumbing plans.

5.Works Supervision (1.5% or 3%)

At this stage, the design process should be complete. Your project manager subsequently compiles all the architectural drawings, structural drawings, MEP drawings, plus the bills of quantities.

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Source: House Designs Kenya – twitter

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