Guide To Buying a Washing Machine in Kenya


A sewing machine is an essential item in a modern household. Before buying one it is important to understand your specific needs such as the type of washing machine, the energy efficiency, the durability, cost, and more.

  1. Type

There are two types of washing machines


Front-loaders remove tougher stains more easily. Additionally, they use less water and energy even when compared to newer high-efficiency top-loaders.



Top Load

Top-loaders require less space, and maintenance and have a better life span than front-loaders. Top loaders are broken down into two kinds: agitators and impellers. Agitators come with a pole with spokes that protrudes from the bottom of the drum and moves the clothes around. Impellers have propellers at the bottom, which churn the water to move the clothes.


Check the energy label. A+++ is good but some machines have even a better rating which is indicated by for example (A+++ -60% like in Bosch Serie.

Front load washing machines are equipped with an inverter that saves power and less water usage without compromising washing performance.

3.Rmp range

The spin cycle for drying is measured as revolutions per minute (rpm). The higher the rpm, the better it will dry your clothes.

Most machines’ RPM range from 1000-1600. These determine how dry your clothes will be after spinning. 1000 rpm is still okay.


4.Durability and cost 

If you want a durable washer, be ready to spend more.

Front load washers are generally quieter and use less water and power as compared to their top load counterpart but top loaders tend to cost less.

A stainless-steel drum is better and more durable than plastic.



5.Number of people in your family

Capacity (kg) depends on the size of the washing tub. Families with children who do several loads daily may prefer a large-capacity washer,9kg. Meanwhile, smaller-capacity models which use less water and energy can be economical for singles and couples (7kg)



Best brands in Kenya in order: Bosch, LG, Samsung, Beko .There are cheaper brands that cost about half the price of the above brands, it’s upon you to decide what you want.

For the above first 3 brands, prices range from 85k for 7kgs, up to 100k for 8kgs, and up to 120k for 9kgs. Beko is slightly cheaper, going for about 85k.’



When buying a washing machine, it is key that you measure the size of your laundry area to the size of the washing machine.

Make sure the space you have is big enough leaving space for the door to open.

If you have limited space, I would advise you to go for a front loader



8.Noise level

Check the noise levels. Anything under 74db is okay.

You need to know that not all wash programs in a washing machine take a full load. For example, the mix load program on a Bosch 8kg only takes 4kgs. An 8kg washer can wash a queen-size duvet but only on a program that takes a full load, like cotton.

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