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Unfamiliar Rules to Follow Before You Drill a Borehole in Kenya

  Did you know that cannot drill a borehole without meeting certain conditions and having relevant approvals? Here are  some of the unfamiliar rules one should put into consideration before drilling a borehole: hydro-geological survey. Before drilling a borehole, you need to conduct a hydro-geological survey. The survey is key in establishing the drilling point, rock structure, and...

What’s an offer letter when buying property

  An offer letter is the first document you’ll sign as a client intending to buy a property after you have viewed the property and chosen a house number. It contains the terms of the purchase, the purchase price, and the deposit or the down payment. Details of an offer letter  The Legal names of the buyer The address of the buyer The details of the property the house number and the...

why nairobians are relocating to machakos

Why Nairobians Are Relocating to Machakos County.

Nairobians have been relocating to Machakos as most of them escape from the bustle and hustle that is Kenya's capital. Many may be relocating in Search of a quiet and serene environment while others may be taking a break from the harsh economic loads of life. The following are the reasons why most people are moving; Real estate growth Many real estates have sprung up, especially along...

twinfalls city kangundo road

What is Affordable Housing?

  The definition of affordable changes from country to country or from one individual or household to another. It’s all about your perspective. In this article, we will explore 4 interesting ways you can look at affordability in real estate. The first and most obvious way is your capacity as the client to not only secure a unit but also finish the payment in due time. What have you budgeted...

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