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commonly asked questions about title deeds in Kenya

5 Commonly asked questions about title deeds-Kenya

In this article, we will answer the commonly asked questions related to title deeds. A title deed is a document that shows proof of ownership of property. These include Do you have ready title deeds? What type of title deeds do you have? How can I know if a title deed is real or fake? Can a foreigner own property in Kenya? How long does the transfer process take? Do you have ready title...

What’s an offer letter when buying property

  An offer letter is the first document you’ll sign as a client intending to buy a property after you have viewed the property and chosen a house number. It contains the terms of the purchase, the purchase price, and the deposit or the down payment. Details of an offer letter  The Legal names of the buyer The address of the buyer The details of the property the house number and the...

Steps of Buying a House Along Kangundo Road

  Step 1: Site visit The first step of buying a house is visiting the property along Kangundo road. A site visit will help you determine the following; The neighborhood The distance from the amenities The security The finishing of the house The size of the house Step 2: Title Search After viewing the site and liking the houses the next step is choosing a house and then...

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