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Unfamiliar Rules to Follow Before You Drill a Borehole in Kenya


Did you know that cannot drill a borehole without meeting certain conditions and having relevant approvals?

Here are  some of the unfamiliar rules one should put into consideration before drilling a borehole:

hydro-geological survey.

Before drilling a borehole, you need to conduct a hydro-geological survey.

The survey is key in establishing the drilling point, rock structure, and amount of water present beneath. The type of rock structure will determine how much you will spend while the amount of water beneath gives an estimation of feet to be drilled.

Permits and reports

If satisfied with the report, you are required to apply for the required permits and reports.

Four permits are needed before you can drill a borehole even if it is on private property;

1. Water Resource Authority (WRA) permit

if you are satisfied you have water on your property, you must apply for a drilling permit from WRA.

2. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

An EIA report is an examination of the effects of a project on the environment. The purpose of an EIA is to identify both negative and positive impacts of any project on people and the environment.

3. NEMA (National Environment Management Authority of Kenya) Permit

The EIA  report must be approved by the NEMA authorities in order to issue the permit. If the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) is satisfied that the proposed drilling will not have undesirable impact on the immediate environment, the organization then issues a license.

The drilling may then commence although in some cases one may require a no-objection letter from the local water services provider and local county permit.

4. Letter of no objection 

With devolution in place, before commencing your project you will also need a letter of no objection from local water service providers and a county permit.

The Bottom line 

The above permits are mandatory for every Kenyan who wants to drill a borehole. They are necessary for regulation since water is a precious commodity. Further, based on surveys and reports, some areas could be unfit for a borehole.

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What’s an offer letter when buying property


An offer letter is the first document you’ll sign as a client intending to buy a property after you have viewed the property and chosen a house number. It contains the terms of the purchase, the purchase price, and the deposit or the down payment.

Details of an offer letter 

  • The Legal names of the buyer
  • The address of the buyer
  • The details of the property the house number and the specific project
  • The dates when you’ll make the first payment to the last one
  • Conditions of the sale

Why an Offer letter is important

An offer letter is important for the following reasons;

  • Firstly, It shows the buyer  your interest  to buy a property
  • Secondly, It eliminates the possibility of two buyers getting the same property. But this is only valid for 14 days
  • Thirdly, It not only shows the date you’ll pay the deposit, but it also specifies the completion date of the sale
  • To add on that, It outlines the terms in case of a cancellation and if there are nay charges involved in case of a withdrawal.
  • It also highlights if there are any extra costs related to the puchase.Read on extra you may incur when buying a house.
  • Lastly, It gives room for a search of the title. The seller gives the client their lawyer a copy of the title to determine legitimacy of the property.

The bottom line

As a buyer, you must know that the offer letter is not a legally binding document. After you pay the full deposit. The offer letter is confirmed.. However, The client is in most cases given up to 14 days to sign and return it to the seller.

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