Why You Should Invest in Kangundo Road


Kangundo road is located 59km from Nairobi which is a one-hour drive from CBD. Towns along the road include Ruai, kamulu, Joska and Malaa. Many people working in Nairobi have either built a home in one of those places or have rented a house there.

Here are 4 fascinating reasons why you should consider investing along kangundo road:

Kangundo road expansion

The expansion of Kangundo Road was started by the Kenya National Highway Authority at the beginning of the year. The road is anticipated to extend to Kangundo Town in Machakos County from Caltex Umoja, off the outer ring-ring road.

Both the commercial and residential sectors will benefit from the expansion. The number of real estate developments on kangundo road has greatly increased since the extension was announced. The cost of land has also increased.


When compared to comparable locations like Rongai and Kitengela, the prices of land and homes are currently significantly lower.

One location is Twin falls City in Malaa, where bungalows sell for as little as 6.5 million while 4-bedroom mansions cost 8.85 million

The earlier you invest the better for you.

Safety and privacy

The majority of estates are gated communities. The extensive fencing and restricted entry convey a level of exclusivity unmatched in other areas, implying security. Residents can enjoy their pastimes pleasantly and privately without interruption thanks to the estate\’s amenities. Some states have increased CCTV surveillance to keep an eye on questionable activity.

I would advise investing in such gated communities for the safety of both your family and your visitors.


From the CBD, Kangundo Road may be reached quickly via Mombasa Road or Thika Road.

It\’s only 100ksh via bus.

The Bottom Line

A rise in commercial and residential gated properties has been caused by the continuing building of the  dual-carriage . Every day, the demand is increasing. Prices rise as demand rises. The better time to invest is now.


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