Amenities around Savanna Greens Estate

Amenities to look for before buying a home

Amenities are the link between the quality of social infrastructure and the wellbeing of residents. They add value and could potentially create a better return on investment. An amenity is a feature or benefit of a spacious property. Amenities are features such as schools, hospitals churches swimming pools and hotels.

Nowadays due to transitions in living spaces and lifestyles, people are accustomed and aspired to live in gated communities.  The primary reason for this is the availability of a gamut of facilities at one stop. New home buyers are giving priority to homes with modernity accompanied by the absolute conveniences of luxury apartments. Though most of the gated communities offer the necessities and comfort facilities, not all of them offer you all the facilities. So while you’re checking the amenities, make sure that every penny invested is beneficial.  If you’re thinking to buy a home in a gated community, the following are indispensable for your comfortable living.

Below is a list of Amenities around our Gated estate, Savanna Greens Estate:

  1. Schools

A home that’s a walking distance of your children is a blessing. You can drop off tour kids on your way to work, and you don’t have to worry about paying bus fare. By walking to and from school your kids become more alert, street smart. Lastly, since the school is nearly your children get more time and energy to do other things play. Learn a hobby do homework study etc.

  • St Peter’s ACK Church
  • Malaa Academy
  • Hillside Junior
  • Thomas Acquires Koma ranch high school
  • St consolata Academy Malaa
  • Brookshine School
  1. Hotels
  • Eastern Ark Hotel
  • The Last Village
  • Katani Resort
  • Wonderland Resort, Koma Hill
  • Mathi Holiday Resort
  • Zaburi Conference and Retreat Nairobi
  • The Rustic Residence
  • Soipogh Getaway Resort
  • The Isabella
  1. Hospitals

When we are young and healthy, we do not think about the health facilities around us. But, as we age, we face a natural decline in health and start thinking about the health facilities around us.  Your health may decline due to lifestyle factors, or you may face health issues just randomly. So, it is essential to living near a hospital so that you can access premium healthcare facilities.

Keeping in mind the same reason, nowadays people look for properties near hospitals, and they are willing to relocate. They like to choose areas where they can easily access hospitals, medical specialists, and other significant infrastructures. There are many benefits of living close to healthcare facilities. Let us look into some of them.

  • Bahati Hospital
  • Ruai Family Hospital
  • Kangundo Level 4
  • Bristol Park Hospital
  • Aga Khan University Medical Center
  1. Churches

For most of us, it’s easier to be a meaningful part of the church gathered—and to partner with the rest of the church scattered—when we live in the same community where our church’s building is located. There are several churches available around Savanna Greens Estate.

  • SDA KBC Church Malaa
  • PCEA Malaa
  • Vessels of honour CCI Malaa
  • Mosque Masjid Hidaa Malaa
  • St Tobias Catholic Church
  • Revival Missions Church
  • Male Covenant Renewal
  • Royal Life Ministry Church

If you are searching for the best and convenient gated community, your scroll ends here! The above mentioned essential and fancy amenities are waiting for you in Savanna Greens Estate.

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