Bedroom interior design ideas


One of the most significant spaces in your house is the bedroom. Having a comfortable location to relax and refresh is essential given a busy schedule filled with duties to work and family.

Here are some creative and inexpensive ideas on how you can decorate your bedroom;

Design a Monochromatic Room

a monochromatic room is where one color is used but different shades and textures are blended to make a whole.


Wallpaper the Ceiling

Yes, you can extend the color of your paint to the ceiling, but if you want to give your room a little more style, consider using wallpaper 

Install Black Wall Paneling

Create a moody vibe — and introduce texture into your design scheme while you’re at it — with a black wall panel


large wall art

A large wall art not only finishes the space but also acts as a focal point or Centerpiece of the room.


Stick to a Black and White Palette

Believe it or not, a black-and-white bedroom doesn’t have to be boring. Weaving layers of patterns and materials into the space can help to boost its visual appeal.


Choose a Vibrant Color Scheme

when going for vibrant colors I would recommend a maximum of two colors. Take this room by appropriate design for example. Here they used blue and orange and combined neutral colors such as grey and white.


Add a Fun Headboard

A headboard not only protects you from abrasion but also adds a stylistic tone to your bedroom.

You can go for this green velvet upholstered king headboard   


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