Frequently asked questions-Twinfalls City

The following article will give you an insight into 10  frequently asked questions concerning Twinfalls City.

Are our houses ready?

Our Twinfalls City Phase one is completed and the phase 2 currently ongoing

What time are we available for site visits?

We are available for sites visit daily. Our sales representatives will assist you with booking a site visit. Contact us at 0711082929

How large is Twinfalls City?

Twinfalls City is a 20-acre elegantly planned mixed-use development located in Malaa town touching the tarmac right off the B63 Nairobi-Kangundo road.

How many kilometers is Twinfalls City from CBD?

The development is located in Malaa town touching the tarmac right off the B63 Nairobi-Kangundo road and is approximately 45KM away from Nairobi CBD

What type of houses do you have?

3-Bedroom Master En-suite Bungalow for KES6.7M

3-Bedroom Master En-suite Bungalow with an SQ for KES7M

4-Bedroom all En-suite Maisonette for KES 9.05M

Is the title freehold or leasehold?

A Leasehold title is  one  where the ownership and use of the land is capped at a maximum of 99 years while a A Freehold Title is one that  gives the owner all the rights to the land without restrictions either on the use or the number of years.

Our title deeds are freehold.

Are there any other charges other than the purchase price?


They include legal fees, stamp duty, registration fees, transfer fees etc.

Read our article on extra charges when purchasing property.

 Do you have offices? Where are they located?

Yes, we have offices They are located in South B, Trance Towers 7th floor. Contact us at 0711082929 for further inquiry

Do you have any other projects?

Yes,  Savanna Greens Estate in Joska which is fully sold out.

How far is Twinfalls City from the tarmac?

Twinfalls City is touching Kangundo road Tarmac.






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