The legal steps of buying property in Kenya

If you are looking forward to buying property in Kenya here are 8 steps you will go through;

Step 1:Site visit

The first and very important step in buying a house is visiting the site. This will help you as a client determine the following

  • Whether the property exists
  • The quality of the property
  • The distance from amenities
Step 2:Letter of offer

Secondly, you visit the office of the developer where you will discuss the terms of payment. At this point, you will be required to choose a house number.  The developers then draft a letter of offer for you. They also give you a copy of the title deed.

Step 3:Searches and Inspection of the Title

Thirdly, you will conduct a title search. A title search will help you determine if there are any encumbrances against the property.

Read our article on how to conduct a title search

Step 4:Reservation of the house

After confirming the legitimacy of the property, you can go ahead and make a deposit using the bank details indicated in the offer letter. The sellers then make an official receipt for you.

Step 5:Sales agreement.

When buying property a sales agreement is defined as a legally binding document that clearly outlines the terms and conditions for the sale of a property between two parties. You will require the following documents for the latter;

  • A copy of your national ID
  • KRA Certificate
  • Colored passport-size photos

You will have fourteen (14) days to execute the agreement for sale, after which it will be executed by the Mintvilla Housing board of directors and attested by our advocates.

Step 6:Payment of closing costs

The closing costs as discussed in our previous article are any extra costs other than the purchase price. They include legal fees, registration fees, stamp duty, and any other fees required to facilitate the transfer and obtain the title deed in your name.

Step 8:Transferring the property

After payment of closing costs, the transfer of the property from the developer to the client begins.

Step 8:Letter of completion issued

Here the name of the property is already transferred to the client\’s name.

At this point, you can occupy the property.







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