Ardhisasa -The New Land Management System


Ardhisasa is an online platform that allows Citizens, other stakeholders, and interested parties to interact with land information held and processes undertaken by Government.

The system will be used to monitor and control land use, as well as to collect revenue from land transactions.

How to register

It is very easy to sign up for this platform. You can register either as an individual or company The following are the steps to follow;

For Individuals

The following are the steps for individual registration;

  1. Go to ardhisasa website
  2. Choose whether you are registering as an individual or as a company
  3. As an individual, put your ID no and the serial no
  4. Enter email and phone number for verification
  5. Lastly, upload a passport photo

For a company

For company registration follow these steps;

  1. Go to the ardhisasa website
  2. Choose whether you are registering as an individual or as a company
  3.  Enter the company name, registration number of the company, postal address, physical address, and KRA Pin
  4. put the official phone number of the company
  5. put the official email of the company
  6. Lastly, set a password


Services offered by Ardhisasa

The following are the services that you will find on the ardhisasa system

  1. Land registration – Caution, charge, lease, registration of certificates of titles/lease, replacement of title, restriction, search, stamp duty, and transfer
  2. Land administration – Pay land rent, subdivision, lease extension, change of user, consent, lease preparation, user extension, renewal of lease
  3. Physical planning – Approval of part development plans, planning documents requisition, certificate of compliance
  4. Survey and mapping – Subdivision, amalgamation, new grant, re-survey, sectional property, lease extension, change of user
  5. Valuation – Asset valuation, government leasing, government purchase, estate administration, arbitration
  6. Adjudication and settlement – Adjudication, settlement
  7. National land commission – Land allocation

Why It Is Important

This system will help to improve land management in Kenya in the following ways

  • Firstly, it will ease the tracking of land records
  • Secondly, it will  speed up the process of acquiring land titles
  • Thirdly, it will Provide an updated, verified database of easily available land
  • Lastly it will reduce cases of fraud related to land

The bottom line

The system can not only be useful to potential land /property owners but also to professionals in a related field such as lawyers or surveyors. Register today on the Ardhisasa website. For any assistance kindly email us at [email protected]

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